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I've been talking to people in real life and online about a site that as far as I can tell looks as if it's an official George Lucas Star Wars site. There's lots of interesting stuff there. It has plot synopses of episodes VII, VIII, and IX. They don't sound all that thrilling, but these are pretty general at this point, and many things would all depend on the director. Lucas says he's got a short list of directors that would pass muster for doing these.

There's a list of Midichlorian counts for most of the major characters, but you can see from the most powerful Jedi list that a Midichlorian count doesn't always line up with how powerful a Jedi is.. There's a history of the Jedi and the Sith, and Lucas (supposedly) answers questions in a blog format.


I have to doubt the veracity of this site. I seriously doubt Lucas would team up with a man who made documentaries about aliens. I couldn't even find the documentaries listed on the site listed in IMDB, and apparently they haven't even been released to video/DVD. This is either the hoax or the work of a very deranged man. Everything I've read of Lucas about Star Wars, he's said the Star Wars movie franchise is done. There will be no new movies.

I'm also seriously questioning the site's legitimacy. I only checked out the link for "Episode VII," but even a 30-second skimming gave me great pause. This line in particular stands out in what I believe to be a contradiction (if my memory of the books is accurate) of the Expanded Universe:

"Padawans Anakin Solo (son of Han Solo and Leia Organa) and Ben Skywalker (son of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade) are walking by the computer area. They both sense something and enter the computer area. Ben and Anakin are shocked to see someone in the room that looks exactly like Ben."

*Spoiler (If you ever want to read the SW Books)*

Anakin Solo dies fighting the Vong while Ben is still an infant. Unless Lucas decides to blatantly disregard the EU books (which he has done in the past: Boba Fett's history, etc.), then I don't see any way this part of the plot could take place.

As I said, my memory could be flawed or Lucas could tear the plot away from the Star Wars books yet again, but barring those two occurences there is no way this plot can be accurate.

Just two cents from another Star Wars fan that stumbled across your site.

What made me most suspicious was the constant claims that the guy hosting the site played a big role in Episode III. Until I saw that, it was a lot more plausible. There's a lot of arrogance on the part of Lucas, and now I'm wondering if that's by design by a hoaxer. Lucas does come across as slightly arrogant in some ways when it comes to some issues, but claiming that Jar Jar is the most popular character and anyone who hates him is a nerd who needs to get a real life (or something along those lines) doesn't seem to me to be something Lucas would say in public, if he even would think it.

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