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Richard Chappell of Philosophy et cetera is trying to move the IPIP-NEO personality test into the more conservative parts of the blogosphere, and he's enlisted me to help. To participate, just follow the instructions below. I do consider this the most informative personality test I've ever taken, and I took the time to interact with my results with some criticism and some appreciation back when I took it. That post gives a good sense of what the test looks at. He's combined this with the Political Compass, which I've also taken, but I can't seem to find a post where I discuss the results. He doesn't link to The Blogosphere Political Compass Project, which records different bloggers' scores on that test. I'm glad I submitted mine, or I would have to take it again. The Political Compass is a much more nuanced political categorization than standard left-right analyses. It separates two ways of being libertarian. One opposes authoritarianism, the other collectivism. Where you stand on each scale might be independent of where you stand on the other.

Overview: This post is a community experiment with two broad purposes. The first is to create publicly accessible data about bloggers' personalities, which may have sociological value in addition to being just plain fun. The second is to track the propagation of this meme through blogspace. Full details and explanation can be found on the original posting: http://pixnaps.blogspot.com/2005/06/meme-worth-spreading.html

Instructions (to join in the experiment):

1) Take the IPIP-NEO personality test and the Political Compass quiz, if you have not done so already.

2) Copy to the clipboard that section of this post that is between the double lines, and paste it into your blog editor. (Blogger users may wish to use 'compose' mode to preserve formatting and hyperlinks. Otherwise, be sure to add hyperlinks as necessary.)

3) Replace the answers in the "survey" section below with your own.

4) Add your blog information to the "track list", in the form: "Linked title - URL - optional GUID".

5) Any additional comments should go outside of the double lines, including the (optional) nomination of bloggers you wish to pass this experimental meme on to.

6) Post it to your blog!


Age: 31
Gender: Male
Location: Syracuse, New York
Religion: Christian (evangelical)
Occupation: Student
Began blogging (dd/mm/yy): 04/09/03

Political Compass results
Left/Right: 1.1
Libertarian/Authoritarian: 2.1

IPIP-NEO results

Friendliness 0
Gregariousness 10
Assertiveness 20
Activity Level 34
Excitement-Seeking 1
Cheerfulness 23

Trust 37
Morality 91
Altruism 8
Co-operation 91
Modesty 37
Sympathy 23

Self-Efficacy 17
Orderliness 54
Dutifulness 92
Achievement-Striving 48
Self-Discipline 11
Cautiousness 99

Anxiety 38
Anger 57
Depression 26
Self-Consciousness 91
Immoderation 35
Vulnerability 89

Imagination 0
Artistic Interests 5
Emotionality 0
Adventurousness 1
Intellect 75
Liberalism 2

Track List:
1. Philosophy, et cetera - pixnaps.blogspot.com - pixnaps97a2
2. Parableman - parablemania.ektopos.com - p8r8bl9m8n18

My first thought was to tag Marla Swoffer, but I see she's already got a TypeBlogs post on this. So I know Nick Queen has taken the IPIP-NEO, as has Ilona at Truegrit. Converting those results into this format doesn't take that long, so those are some good tags.

I'd like to see lots of people take this and continue to spread it into their spheres of influence, but I'll tag those I know have some interest in personality tests: Sam at Uncle Sam's Cabin, Jeanette at Reflexion, Joe Missionary, Terry Pruitt of Pruitt Communications, Brian at Reasons Why, Messy Christian, Rebecca Writes, Wayne Leman of Better Bibles Blog, Bonnie at Off the Top, Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost, and Matthew Mullins. If you're reading this and not on the list, feel free to join in as well. I've just listed people whose blogs I'm familiar with who I know have at least some interest in personality tests.

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Jeremy (Parableman) Pierce tagged me to participate in a blogger personality experiment. I'm sure this will prove fruitful for some future search committee, not to mention my students. Richard Chappell is trying to push this meme into more conservative... Read More


Thanks Jeremy!

Count me in! Thanks...

My political compass results were: (1.1, 2.1)

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