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This is part two of my commentary recommendations post. I'm separating it out into four parts because of its length. Part one is here. None of this is new. It's just a new post so I don't have it all in one long post.

This post is the list of intermediate level commentaries, what I would recommend for experienced Bible study group leaders, with more detail than some of the basic commentaries give but not necessarily requiring seminary or Bible school training (as a fully technical commentary might).

Genesis -- Bruce Waltke and Cathi Fredricks, Genesis, 2001
or Kenneth Mathews (NAC) 1996, 2005
Exodus -- Doug Stuart (NAC) 2006
Leviticus -- Gordon Wenham (NICOT) 1979
Numbers -- R. Dennis Cole (NAC) 2001 review
Deuteronomy -- Peter Craigie (NICOT) 1976
or J. Gordon McConville (AOTC) 2002 review
Joshua -- David Howard (NAC) 1998 review 1, review 2
Judges and Ruth -- Daniel Block (NAC) 1999 review
Samuel -- Bill Arnold (NIVAC) 2003
or Robert Bergen (NAC) 1996
Kings -- Paul House (NAC) 1995 review
Chronicles -- Martin Selman (TOTC) 1994 (I Chronicles; II Chronicles) review
or Andrew Hill (NIVAC) 2003
Ezra and Nehemiah -- F.C. Fensham (NIC) 1983
or Edwin Yamauchi (EBC) 1988
Esther -- Karen Jobes (NIVAC) 1999 review
Job -- Robert Alden (NAC) 1994
Psalms -- Gerald Wilson (NIVAC) 2002 (only covers Psalms 1-72 so far) review
or Willem VanGemeren, EBC (1991)
Proverbs -- Tremper Longman, Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms (2006)
Ecclesiastes -- Iain Provan (NIVAC) 2001 (includes Song of Songs)
Song of Songs -- Tom Gledhill (BST) 1994
Isaiah -- J. Alec Motyer, 1993 (not the TOTC volume above) review
Jeremiah and Lamentations -- Andrew Dearman (NIVAC) 2002
Ezekiel -- Iain Duguid (NIVAC) 1999
Daniel -- Joyce Baldwin (TOTC) 1978
or Tremper Longman (NIVAC) 1999
Hosea, Joel -- Duane Garrett (NAC) 1996
Amos -- Gary Smith, Mentor Commentary, 2nd edition, 1998
Obadiah -- Thomas Finley (WEC) 1990 (with Joel, Amos)
or David Baker (NIVAC) 2006 (with Joel, Malachi)
Jonah -- Desmond Alexander (TOTC) 1988 (with Obadiah by Baker and Micah by Waltke)
or James Bruckner (NIVAC) 2004 (also includes Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah)
Micah -- Bruce Waltke (TOTC) 1988 (with Obadiah by Baker and Jonah by Alexander)
or Leslie Allen (NICOT) 1976 (also includes Joel, Obadiah, Jonah)
Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah -- D. Waylon Bailey(with Barker on Micah)
O. Palmer Robertson (NICOT) 1990 review
Haggai, Malachi -- Pieter Verhoef
Zechariah -- Joyce Baldwin (TOTC) 1972
Matthew -- D.A. Carson (EBC) 1984 (volume 1, volume 2)
Mark -- James Edwards (PNTC) 2002 review 1 review 2
Luke -- Robert Stein (NAC) 1993 review
John -- D.A. Carson (PNTC) 1991 review
or Andreas Kostenberger (BECNT) 2004
Acts -- William Larkin (IVPNTC) 1995 [online version sans introduction]
Romans -- Leon Morris (PNTC) 1988
I Corinthians -- David Garland (BECNT) 2003 review
II Corinthians -- David Garland (NAC) 1999 review
Galatians -- Timothy George (NAC) 1994 review
Ephesians -- Peter O'Brien (PNTC) 1999 review 1 review 2
Philippians -- Markus Bockmuehl (BNTC) 1998
Colossians and Philemon -- F.F. Bruce (NICNT) rev.1984 (includes Ephesians)
or Marianne Meye Thompson, Two Horizons New Testament Commentaries (2005)
Thessalonians -- Gene Green (PNTC) 2002 review 1, review 2
Timothy and Titus -- Andreas Kostenberger (EBC) 2006 (with Ephesians-Thessalonians, Philemon by other authors)
Hebrews -- Philip Edgcumbe Hughes, A Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews, 1977
or F.F. Bruce (NICNT) 1990
James -- Douglas Moo (PNTC) 2000 review
Peter and Jude -- Thomas Schreiner (NAC) 2003 review
I-III John -- Colin Kruse (PNTC) 2000
or Daniel Akin (NAC) 2001 review
Revelation -- Robert Mounce (NICNT) 1997 review

Part three continues the series with the advanced level.


Thanks for a great resource! Noticed a typo you probably will want to fix. The Numbers commentary by Cole in the list above is a NAC commentary, not a NICOT commentary.

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