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For lack of a better 1250th post, I'm posting this in that coveted spot. These are the most entertaining searches I've had in the last week or so, partly because they had no chance of finding what they were supposed to find. how to use 10% of my brain I know there are people who think we don't use any more than 10% of our brains, but if you really want to use only 10% of it I'm sure someone could arrange that. It would take a lobotomy and probably a good deal more brain damage than that, and maybe you wouldn't live very long afterward, but I suppose it's possible. On the other hand, you probably use 10% of your brain already. I suspect people in a persistent vegetative state are using far more than 10% of their brain. In fact, I'm quite sure we use a lot more than 10%, something like 99%. So the answer to your question is simply to go on living. former Antony Flew still athiest This one always amuses me (even aside from the misspelling that makes it sound as if someone is saying he's still the most athi, whatever that means). For those who are unfamiliar with the issue, Antony Flew is a famous philosopher among those who follow atheism/theism debates but not very highly regarded among philosophers for any real philosophical work. He spent most of his life defending atheism but now at the end of his life has accepted intelligent design arguments based on fine-tuning of cosmological constants and thus believes in some sort of higher being (though clearly not traditional theism). He's been such a hero of the Prometheus Books crowd (a publication house dedicated to opposing theism and anything like it) that some people from that mindset found some statement he made three years before he became a theist stating that he was not a theist, and they left comments on every blog mentioning his conversion (if you want to call it that) saying that the claims that he is now a theist are a hoax. This hoax about a hoax got passed around the blogosphere like wildfire. Every blogger I know of who posted about this got some commenter spreading the misinformation that he was still an atheist. For links, see the post that this search turned up. I presume this search was looking for confirmation of the claims that those hoaxsters were perpetrating. That's not exactly what the search led to. premarital foreplay mortal sin engaged I don't even know what to say about this one, but I thought it was strange enough to make fun of. Someone please do so.

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