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I've got an Ecosystem problem, and I can't figure out what to do about it. My blog has been deleted from the Ecosystem for reasons unknown to me. My June archives and my old archives that don't exist anymore are part of the Ecosystem, also for reasons unknown to me. I can't add my blog because the Ecosystem thinks it's a duplicate address due to the presence of the June archives. Since you can't delete blogs or even recommend blogs for deletion anymore, I don't know what to do. I've emailed N.Z. Bear, and he hasn't responded. It's been almost a week. Any ideas?


I had some problems with the ecosystem a while back too. N.Z. seems to be swamped, so I had to e-mail him a couple of times (more than a week apart) to get a response. So try e-mailing again. :) And explain that you've got your archives and old weblog listed when they shouldn't be.

Are you still showing up on the BoG community page? If not then get Adrian to add you there - which I think will get you into TTLB. Or if not then at least in BoG.

I doubt Adrian can add me. He'd have to add me to the Ecosystem first (or at the same time), which will just give him the same error message I'm getting, that there's already a URL in the Ecosystem that matches this one.

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