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Carnival of the Vanities CXLVII is at Wallo World. I accidentally sent my Christian Carnival post this week to Bill, so he's got two of my posts there. This is one problem with using the automated carnival submissions form at Conservative Cat. If you want to submit posts to two carnivals in succession, you have to change which carnival you're sending it to, or they'll both go to the same place.

Hosts have the right to exclude posts that they didn't receive on time, even if the post in question was submitted on time but to the wrong carnival, and I guess my explanation wasn't excusing enough to get my post into this week's Christian Carnival. That means you'll have to find the link the to current Christian Carnival at Matt Jones's list of Christian Carnivals. Linking to a carnival shows my appreciation that they included my post, so I have a policy of not linking to carnivals I'm not in, because that would defeat the purpose of linking to carnivals I am in. Since I'm in the CotV twice, I therefore ought to link to it again in the spirit of the original principle.

I did forget last week to link to Christian Carnival LXXVII: The Jedi Edition at the Bible Archive, which does have one of my posts. I not only forgot to thank Rey for including a post submitted more than 20 hours after the deadline due to my being out of town and preoccupied with anything but blogging, but I forgot even to link to the carnival!

Update: Philosophers' Carnival XVI is now up. It contains posts from all three blogs I contribute to, though only one of them is mine.


LOL! It's all good man. I was just happy that I got to put bloggers in Jedi Schools. :)

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