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Due to the upgrade and an unavoidable move back to, some things will be a little weird here for the time being. A lot of the permalinks might not work. I couldn't access my template last night to make changes to this default one that came with the new version of MT, so my whole sidebar has been gone. I believe commenting should work fine, but the list of recent comments will have to wait until I can get to the template. I don't know how soon all this will be able to happen.

Matthew's putting in a lot of work to get things up and running, but it's not instantaneous, and there was no ideal solution to some of the problems he's had to deal with. Unfortunately it looks as if my permalinks will be the biggest problem once he's done, assuming the same thing happens as what happened last time when I moved from in the first place. It does look as if it will solve my archive problem, and I hope he can do that without losing any posts.

Update: In the meantime, please update any links you might have to this blog. The old address forwards here, but it's best to go right to the new one, and the blog directories might not keep track of the old one once I submit the change to them.

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Your site is looking cool, man.

Is your web host ? I'm hosting with them and I also could not access the publishing portal to modify my templates, etc. either. Also had an anomoly where the domain kept loading from my old host. I still dont know if the problem was hosting, MT, or my ISP. Sounds like you experienced something similar so I expect whatever we share in common was the culprit.

No, this is Ektopos, which only hosts four blogs, all philosophy-related. This shouldn't be at all connected to your problem.

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