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I'm in the throes of finishing up one course, trying to get the grading done before the last day on Thursday, writing an exam for Thursday, trying to secure fall teaching for me and a friend who is out of town with one procrastinating institution and one institution desperately waiting to hear about the other one, and trying to move toward preparing for a course that I'll start teaching before grades are due for the one I'm just finishing, though I have a week in between the two to try to do most of the grading and some prepwork for the second course. It also doesn't help that it's been ridiculously hot. I have a hard time being productive when it's above 70, and it's been in the upper 90s, so I just completely shut down.

I haven't even had much chance to sit down for more than a few hours to get enough grading done to get my students' work back to them. Ethan's out of school, and there's been more need for me to be around to wrangle the kids. My students' work is therefore coming in almost as fast as I can return it. I can't grade when there's more than one kid for me to deal with, and even that's hard, depending on what the kid is doing. Getting a chance to think through what I'll be teaching for this course I've never taught really takes my undivided attention along with my willingness to sit in one of the hottest rooms of the house where all my books are, with the doors closed so the kids can't take the room apart. So anyway, all this is to say that if I get any of the most interesting and contentful posts I've been thinking about, it will be pure indulgence at the expense of more important things, so I'm not planning much of that soon.

Expect to see an interesting post from Wink within the next week or so. He's already written a draft, but he thinks it needs refinement, and I doubt he's going to find a lot of time this week to do it. It will likely bring out some good discussion, and he says it will lead in to some further posts once he's done with that one.

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