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I guess I've had a series without intending it on Roman Catholicism. I was going to do one more post on these things dealing with a multitude of issues that I might as well separate out into separate posts. So it seemed fitting to put together a post linking to all the posts so far, and I'll add links to ones that follow as I come up with them.

First, I wrote a tribute to John Paul II as the pope a Protestant could be glad for, in part because of his views on justification that seemed to me to move closer toward the Protestant understanding. The I argued that Roman Catholicism does not, at least in principle, commit the heresy Paul was arguing against in the letter to the Galatians. Then I wrote some initial thoughts on the choice of Cardinal Ratzinger to be pope. I ended this portion of the series with an email from someone who was involved with the recent talks between Catholics and Lutherans, who said that Benedict XVI, when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, was in agreement with John Paul II on these issues. I threw in a postscript on John Paul II and Campus Crusade in Poland that might as well go in the list.

Next I will be working on arguments commonly offered against Catholicism by Protestants. I have no intention of defending Catholic positions as true, but I do think the common claim that these positions make Catholics automatically not really Christians goes a bit beyond the evidence. There are easy explanations of most of the things Protestants complain about that show that holding such views or engaging in such practices does not entail denying the gospel.


In connection with these posts, see also What Justified the Prodigal Son? It's not about Catholicism, but I think it's relevant to some of the issues in the posts I've linked to here.

Also, I've just written Roman Catholic Merit, based on a discussion with a Catholic friend of mine who reads Catholic merit language in a way that's really not all that objectionable to Protestants.

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