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Here are some noteworthy ways people have found me of late, two where I just felt the need to do some serious commenting and moral reprimand, two that speak for themselves but get a snappy answer anyway:

what is the bad murder
Aren't they all bad?

what attracts white women to black men
It's usually the same sort of thing that attracts white women to white men, black women to black men, Asian women to white men, black men to Asian women, etc. It's the fact that they're men and that they have some collection of traits that attracts them, usually things that have little to do with race. People are attracted to people for various reasons, and it's usually not because they're reducing all their characteristics to racial ones. Once that's clear it's hard not to see the question as incredibly insulting and probably resulting from residual racism.

is there any kind of truth due to why the sun rises

Bush thinks Christianity and Islam are the same
That's not even close to what he said. He said Christianity and Islam believe in the same God. The being that the practitioners of each refer to is the same being. That's not even close to saying that each is equally good or correct in what it says, never mind saying that they're completely the same. All it says is that the being Muslims refer to when they say 'God' is the same being Christians refer to. That's fully consistent with saying most of what Muslims say about God is false, and most of what Muslims do in their worship is immoral. Since the search didn't turn up the right posts of mine on this, here they are.


Cool, interesting as always. I think I should provide the links as you do when I do this on my blog.

P.S. You mean you don't know about the bad murder? Oh, it's much worse than the good kind.

Hi Jeremy,
I had a read of the first post you linked on the "same God" issue. I see what you are saying and it's a good position - although one I'm uncomfortable with because it is used to promote pluralism (as you pointed out). I'm wondering if you've read on the origin of Allah - which muslims themselves are not in agreement on. My own reading of the Qur'an left me thinking that Allah is not God - that referring to Allah is referring to another deity rather than making statements about God (the true God). Some muslims posit, based on tradition, that the name Allah is derived from an Arab god, and not from Yahweh of the old testament. I guess the point I'm making is that it can be either based on the conflicting info - either false statements about the true God, or statements about another deity, by analogy - like statements about Krishna.

I've read enough of the Qur'an to know that it is quite plainly talking about the God of the Bible. It says all sorts of things about him, including that Jesus was sent by him, that Moses, David, and others were prophets of God, that Abraham was called by God to be a father of many nations. The word used for God in these accounts is the Arabic word 'Allah'. It's impossible to argue that these statements about whoever 'Allah' refers to were not attempts to refer to the God Christians and Jews refer to with other words in other languages.

As for the origins of the word 'Allah', that's simply irrelevant unless you want to rule out the English word 'God', the Latin word 'Deus', the Greek word 'Theos', and for that matter the Hebrew word 'Elohim' (which came from the Canaanite word for gods and the term assigned to whoever happened to be the ruler of the gods in the current mythology). All of the first three were in use to describe pagan deities before Christianity interacted with the language group in question. The fourth is a similar enough situation with regard to Israel.

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