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In case you haven't seen the new Truth Laid Bear blog ecosystem, check it out. There are now community pages for communities of bloggers, e.g. the Blogdom of God and the Conservative Brotherhood. This ranks the blogs in the community by how many links each blog in the community has from other members of that community. There's also a somewhat randomly ordered aggregator of the latest posts from that community alongside a more organized aggegator of the most-linked posts in that community (which I presume is also judged by how many people just within the community have linked to that post). There's a more general page that does the same thing with the top posts of the ecosystem as a whole (like the Blogosphere Daily News did for a time), and there are the usual links ranking and traffic ranking pages. He's exploring a topical organization of top posts and a list of all the recent blog carnivals, but those seem to be in very rough form still (e.g. out of the last nine Christian Carnivals, he has three listed, none all that recent).

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