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My Listmania Lists from Matthew Mullins on June 9, 2005 11:16 AM

Jeremy responding to a query from Jollyblogger posts his list of Amazon Listmania lists of commentaries. I've asked Jeremy about commentaries a time or two, and I've found him a good guide as he has given the topic some consideration.... Read More


this is an awesome list. Mind a stupid question? What's the 'new perspective' you refer to in the Romans commentaries?

I'll write a post about it.

thanks brother.

thanks for these.
do keep us informed if you add any more!

Hey Jeremy. I had a bookmark of a list of the best commentaries for various bible books, and it took me here. Def not the same page. Is there anyway to access that information? I really appreciate your amazon lists too. Thanks.

All my internal links are wrong except for the few I've had a chance to go back and fix. My guess is the new software searches for key terms and tries to find the right post, and it led you here. Here are links to the three posts I've written so far on commentaries. I haven't yet fixed the internal links in these, but maybe this is a good time to do that because I've already got the pages open:

Commentary recommendations
Commentary reviews: intro
Commentary reviews: series

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