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antimony bible
I do know someone who has a metal Bible, but I think it's aluminum. Is antimony even stable?

why car came into existence
Who asks questions like this? Even most people who don't know how to use search engines effectively usually write in complete English sentences. Someone wanting to know the story of the first car would probably want to find out about who invented it and how rather than using terms that are more likely to turn up discussions of the origin of the universe or of humanity that also happen to mention the word 'car'.

condoleeza rice autistic
I can't help wondering what this person was thinking. It's not surprising that it doesn't turn up anything interesting.


Maybe they were searching for Carr..Kitt's rival in Knight Rider. :)

Antimony is stable, but not useful unto itself, but it is in most common metals.

Sorry, the chemist just ran to my typing hands and took over for a minute, I know that's not the point of the post...

There was a point to the post?

I wonder if they meant to search for antinomy.

Brian, haven't you heard that it ruins a joke when you explain it like that?

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