Matt 10:40-42

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I've been getting a great many searches for the above passage. They're undoubtedly all ending up at this post. Does anyone have any ideas why this passage, all of a sudden, should be drawing so much interest?


The Catholic Gospel reading for this Sunday is Mt 10:26-33 and for next Sunday is Mt 10:37-42. Not sure if there is a relationship there or not. I know that I sometimes look up information about the upcoming Gospels and given that its read at all Catholic churches perhaps there are other doing so as well.

Jeremy, I couldn't find anything in your original post that would account for the numerous hits you are getting on it now. I can say it was a very well written post. Your conclusion is right on, namely, that Jesus wanted his hearers to know that they were ultimately "receiving" God if they received him or what his followers were teaching about him.

Write on!

It's because this is the gospel lectionery passage this Sunday, not only for Catholics but for most Protestants. It's all of us preachers hunting for some wisdom and insight on the passage.

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