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Jollyblogger has been doing a series on Hebrews 6 in anticipation of a sermon that I assume he gave yesterday. His treatment of the subject accords much with my own. He points out the need to avoid the Scylla of taking it to mean a genuine believer can lose salvation while also stopping short of the Charybdis of thinking it's not a warning to believers. He then presents the Westminster Confession on the subject, which says exactly the same thing. He starts his sermon here and reiterates his two main themes, emphasizing that all scripture is God-breathed and profitable for all professed believers, including a passage often dismissed as only applying to nonbelievers. He then presents the biblical support for the Reformed understanding of eternal security of genuine believers, being careful to state that salvation is a gift of God, not caused by belief, which is simply the evidence of salvation and not its originator. This is the objective reality of salvation, but it's distinct from the subjective experience of salvation. This subjective sense of being saved is neither necessary nor sufficient for salvation. He suggests that the author of Hebrews wanted Christians to be seriously considering the possibility that their sense of assurance isn't grounded in objectively being saved.

David moves on to distinguish signs of a true believer as opposed to a false oppressor, with an interesting result. The evidences of salvation include visible things like whether one's life is bearing fruit in good works. Is this performance-based assurance? David says no, because good works, while produced by one's own efforts, are more fundamentally produced by God's work, and therefore the good works are evidence that God's work is present. The assurance is thus based in the evidence that God has been working, not in mere works. Then he turns to biblical discussions of false professors, including calls to examine oneself to see if one is genuinely in the faith. He's not done yet, but this is plenty to begin with, and I'm looking forward to the rest.

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