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Intellectuelle has now been launched. It's a blog by seven Christian women who insist on being good thinkers without abandoning the heart. I've had Marla and Bonnie in my blogroll for a long time, so I'm excited that they're involved with this. I was one of the judges for the contest that ended up selecting the other five Intellectuelles, and some of them were among my top choices, so I expect this to be a worthwhile read. They also plan to have guest bloggers from time to time to capture a wider cross-section of Christian women in the blogosphere.


Thanks for the kind words, Jeremy, and for supplying your own powerful mind and heart to the judging panel. It was an honor.

I'm excited about this blogging opportunity and what may happen with it.

Appreciate this, Jeremy. It's a privilege "knowing" you and I look forward to interacting with you on Intellectuelle when you're able to drop in on us.

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