Dr. Seuss on Hardball

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Some bozo scheduled Democratic political analyst Bob Shrum and former Bush speechwriter David Frum to be on Hardball tonight at the same time. Was this someone's sick sense of humor, or was it just incompetence in scheduling? The average viewer who doesn't know these two must have been feeling a little confused between the two. It sounds like a Dr. Seuss book:

Hardball found a man named Mr. Frum
to join their man named Mr. Shrum,
not exactly two who would say "all for one!",
to come to talk about politics some.

And Mr. Shrum told Mr. Frum
that the president seems to like just to hum.
"He's not in touch with all the big guns
who (as Yoda would say) the military run."
But Mr. Frum responded to Shrum
that the president isn't just having some fun.
He talks to key leaders on the front a ton.
So your claim's merely trying to paint him as dumb.

But Shrum and Frum might as well have been nuns
or blowing bubbles while chewing gum,
Because not a word from Mr. Shrum
seemed to turn the ear of Mr. Frum.
Nor did the words of the one named Frum
have much progress even in making a pun
to earn any favor at all from someone
whose surname as it happened was Shrum.

Now these two Shrum and Frum weren't really yet done,
So they talked of a man whose name starts with Rum.
Dick Durbin says our troops are Attila the Hun,
but Shrum thinks this man whose name begins with Rum
also has quite a mouth, which he shoots like a gun.
Chris Matthews is out for the week. What a bum!
So who was it who scheduled these two Frum and Shrum?
I suspect that some intern just thought it'd be fun.

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This was great. Great.

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