Deep Throat Revealed

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I have the scoop on the truth. Somehow the source that leaked a political scandal in the 1970s had previously been a star of a famous porn film, and no one has ever thought that strange. Yet no one has known who this mysterious Deep Throat character is. Well some of us know. Deep Throat is Jerry Hardin. How he managed to pull off the porn film playing the particular character he played will have to remain a mystery, of course, and Bob Woodward and the Washington Post crew will continue with their cover story of some FBI guy who knew Nixon, but the truth is out there.

In related news, we now know the name of that guy who kept popping up in the first season of The X-Files whenever Mulder would put the X in his window, that guy way up in the conspiracy who would leak little bits of information to gave Mulder enough to get himself into trouble but never to get any proof, at least nothing he could hold onto. That guy, apparently, is named Mark Felt, and he was second in command at the FBI, right below the Smoking Man. I'm actually a little disappointed. I was hoping it was Pat Buchanan.

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