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Apologies to those who had comment problems last night. The MT software was being upgraded on the Ektopos blogs server, and I couldn't get in to edit my template to fix my recurring MTAmazon problem. For future reference, if you ever leave a comment and see an error that says anything about MTAmazon, that means my main page can't rebuild because one of the books in the margins isn't loading properly. The problem is on Amazon's end, and the only way I can fix it is by isolating which books is causing the problem and editing the MTAmazon code so that it's a regular HTML link. When it happens, commenters get errors, and the comment won't show up on the main page. That does not mean your comment didn't get saved, so there's no reason to leave multiple comments for me to delete. Usually I get to it within hours, but last night I couldn't do it because of the upgrade. Now I've got all these comments to respond to that I normally would have gotten to last night, and I probably don't have enough time to do it this morning.

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