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Christian Carnival LXXVI is at ChristWeb, including my Revenge of the Sith and Lucas' Moral Views. Carnival of the Vanities CXLV is Sophistpundit. I'm there in the form of Dr. Seuss on Hardball. (Update: In case you haven't noticed, my sitemeter passed 125,000 today, and the 125,00th clicked from the CotV.)

Matt Jones has performed a great service in collecting links to all the Christian Carnivals from the very beginning and putting up a post that has every single one of them, to be updated as new ones come in. So if you want a list of all the Christian Carnivals, you've got one. I'm in all of them except one, I believe, which was near the beginning when I hadn't quite gotten into the schedule of submitting a post every week. There may not be anyone who is in more of them. Of course you won't be able to follow the links for most of them, since they have links to the older URLs that the new system has changed, but you can probably find any post you see in one of the carnivals by searching my blog with the form in the sidebar.

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