Around the Blogosphere 6-15-05

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Sam posted some pictures of the garden from two years ago, with young Ethan and Isaiah testifying to the age of the photos. She's got another post at her main blog that I won't highlight yet because I'm still mulling over whether I'm going to post something else on it myself, but I've had basically zero time for the past few days to do more than write a few comments, work on my sidebar a little, and edit some permalinks.

Christian Carnival LXXIV is at Daddypundit.

OrangePhilosophy has moved to a new server to match the URL format for all the other Ektopos blogs now. Irem posted something about temporary intrinsics this week, and I'm still trying to decide if it's an extremely interesting issue or a total non-problem.

Next Monday is the next Philosophers' Carnival. As usual, all the info is here.


Any decisions yet?

My decision ultimately depends on how easily you can persuade me that there's a real problem.

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