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Recent ways people found me:

prove william alston's claim to perceive God
Um... Alston's point was to show that belief in God can be justified without proof.

phil ehart sang all i wanted
Maybe in the shower. I don't think Phil Ehart has even sung background vocals for Kansas. He's a really nice guy (I've met him), a good band manager, and a great drummer, but singing doesn't seem to be one of the things he does. Steve Walsh probably sang every vocal in that song.

infp fundamentalist
So is this someone who is a fundamentalist about being INFP, or is it a fundamentalist who happens to be INFP? I hope it's not an attempt to find people who think being INFP correlates in any way with being a fundamentalist. You're not likely to turn up much for that one. INFPs don't like order imposed by others and prefer to come up with their own ways to do things rather than follow any method they didn't devise themselves.

The Numbers Guy has a nice piece on blogs, sifting through the conflicting numbers of how many blogs there are, how many people read them, blog rankings, etc. [Hat tip: TTLB]

Irem found an article about teaching philosophy through Star Trek. I haven't used the same episodes, but I do pretty much the same sort of thing. Stargate, Andromeda, Babylon 5, and the X-Files have also appeared in my classes. Look for the line about the desire to misunderstand.

Adrian Warnock has posted D.A. Carson's lectures on the New Perspective on Paul. Now I need a long car trip without Sam so I can listen to them. I finally got through his lectures on biblical interpretation and postmodernist biblical interpretation when I had to drive home from New York City and back again last summer. It might be good to read N.T. Wright's take on the issue before listening to these.

At Christian Conservative: Dr. Jones says he's about to discover the Ark of the Covenant. Didn't we see this twenty years ago? Well, it's not the same Dr. Jones (at least it's not clear that Indy was based on him), and this discovery isn't like the movie one in many ways. What Vendyl Jones is saying about it is also nothing like the perspective of the film. For good info and an evaluation of some of the guy's claims, read the post.

Another Man's Meat critiques the welfare state. I like a lot of Phil's stuff on politics, because he's a Democrat who is very concerned for the things Democrats tend to think Republicans don't care about at all, but many of his positions aren't standard Democratic positions. Some of these are positions Democrats have taken only recently, and Phil thinks the party has abandoned him, but on this issue I think he's left them.

Christian Carnival LXXIII from last week is at Reformed Politics.

What if Howard Dean were a GOP guy? GetReligion has a hilarious look at how Republican statements like the DNC chair's recent ones would go.


Perhaps the question you should be asking is whether infp's are sticklers for grammar the way, say, an istp would be......

:) and wouldn't it be interesting to see what types are most drawn to one's blog....

Anyway, off to follow your designated pathways. they often prove most fruitful.

make that istJ...and I looked it up and everything, too, ....

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