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Joe Carter hosted a project I call Jesus' Reasoning a little while ago, and I never managed to put together a post with links to all the entries I contributed. Here is that post. Joe explains the project here, and the entries are all here.

In Jesus the Logician? I express why I don't like Joe's name and insist on calling it Jesus' Reasoning. Since Joe organizes the posts by passage, I'll put them in the order I wrote them:

1. John 9:1-3
2. Mark 7:1-23
3. Matthew 10:40-42
4. Luke 21:1-4
5. Mark 11:27-33; Matt 21:23-27; Luke 20:1-8
6. Matthew 21:28-32
7. Mark 12:18-27; Matt 22:23-34; Luke 20:27-40



Re Mk 11:27-33: is Jesus' response an example of tu quoque (I think that's the term)? If not, why not? Or am I way off on this?

Well, I read through all your posts in one sitting and was not at all disappointed; to the contrary, I was edified. Your expertise in this area is evident and you provided a lot of insight into what was going on. I have a lot of respect for what you have done in this series.

I don't remember if you won this competition or not, but you should have. This is some of the best posting I've run across on your blog or any other.


What I know of as tu quoque is a fallacy that I have already argued Jesus did not commit. Do you mean that he's asking them by what authority they question him, insinuating that it's not of God? I don't think his point is merely a "you first" kind of thing. I think he's saying that they have already demonstrated that they are not competent judges. Also, the primary issue is their ability to judge, not whether they are of God, though maybe it has that implication too.

This wasn't a competition, by the way. It was a project that Joe asked people to help him put together.

I misunderstood tu quoque, thinking it to be a form of argument that turns the question on the other person. I thought (correctly, it seems) that you were saying He did not do that but was rather arguing in the manner you describe. Your explanation is better than what I (mistakenly) had thought was going on.

(Does that make any sense?)

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