Evangelism and Edification

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I'm in the thick of grading, but I'll leave you with some content today (and I expect to have a roundup later on today that I've been adding posts to for over a week and haven't posted because I wanted to wait until I had three unusual searches, which I now have).

Here's a quote from the section by Mark Ashton with C.J. Davis, "Following in Cranmer's Footsteps", in Worship by the Book, ed. D.A. Carson, 2002:

Evangelism is part of building up the Body. In fact, there is no sharp distinction to be drawn between edification and evangelism in church services. The same Bible truths that strengthen the faith of the Christian challenge the lack of faith of the non-Christian.... What we do will not necessarily be familiar to them: how common an activity is community singing these days? But it should be apparent to a guest that we are in earnest. There should be no doubt that we take the Word of God seriously and that we we want them to take it seriously as well.

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