Christian Carnival LXVIII

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As has been the case a lot recently, I'm way behind with my carnival roundups, but here we go with last week's Christian Carnival, which is #68 and is hosted at Kentucky Packrat. My Ratzinger on Ecumenism With Protestants is among the entries. Christian Carnival LXIX is at Semicolon for those looking for the current one. That roundup will have to wait until I get through Best of Me Symphony LXXVI (the Monty Python edition), which I also have a post in, and Carnival of the Vanities CXXXVIII at Cynical Nation will also be in need of my attention, since I have a post there too, but that's last in the list because it appeared last.

I've already discussed Is Fundamentalism Essential to Brethrenism? from Informed minds want to know.

Marla Swoffer has a great post on swearing.

The Common Room presents some good arguments for using fictional characters to teach children. She says she's arguing for the use of books, but there isn't anything particular to books in her argument. Movie and TV characters would be just as good, as would storytelling of your own.

21st Century Reformation issues a needed call to evangelicals to get their act together with regard to divorce. He gives the faulty Barna numbers that ignore people who live together who don't make it an official marriage, which result in evangelicals and everyone else having the same divorce rate. See my comment there for further details. That's about the comparison between evangelicals and everyone else. It doesn't minimize that fact that the divorce rate is so high among evangelicals, which hardly anyone acknowledges when acting as if it's gay marriage that threatens the institution of marriage. Evangelicals as a group have no right to talk about anything threatening the institution of marriage when we can't follow our own scriptures about marriage to begin with.

I like the general thrust of Wittenberg Gate's post On Judgment vs. Discernment and Sin vs. Crime. She saves some of the best stuff for last. If I had more time, I'd use some of it to look more closely at somee of the details, because my sense is that there are other things to say, and I'm not sure I'd formulate everything as she does, but alas I have more to do than should allow me even to spend even this much time.

The Upward Call presents an argument that women should learn theology, even if you take the view that women shouldn't teach men. Why? Women are the majority of teachers of other women and children in Sunday School and in women's Bible study groups. It's kind of dumb to think of theology as a male thing when women are doing most of the teaching of future men (i.e. boys) and of those who will teach future men.

John Pettigrew writes about original sin. He thinks we should think of original sin as the fallen state of our relationships. I think he's too dismissive of key biblical components of the fall, including the legal penalty for sin, which a biblical account of original sin must include just as a biblical account of the atonement must include it (and I don't think you can separate the two anyway), but I think focusing on this element of the fall can be nice in certain settings. It's what I focus on when I present the Christian response to the problem of evil in my introductory philosophy classes, and John's statement of this is very good.


Thanks, Jeremy. You might also be interested in the two controversies I've enmeshed myself in at the same time, but haven't had a chance to submit to the carnival: Quiver-Full (family size) and Emergent Church (connection to ECUSA via U2 sermons book). I'm blogging intermittently about the two topics and it's quite a party, so come on over if either interests you. I always welcome your input.

You may be interested in my findings as I researched the now infamous (1999) Barna metric on evangelical divorce.... See... "Transforming the Evangelical Meme".

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