Christian Carnival LXIX

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Semicolon hosts the 69th Christian Carnival (yes, I'm well over a week behind). My contribution is ID is Science, Sort Of.

If you're interested in seeing a healthy theonomistic view that attempts to be grounded in biblical principles about government and about the difference between old covenant and new, you should check out By What Authority and By What Standard? at Wittenberg Gate. I'm not a theonomist, but I don't think Dory's version of theonomy (she doesn't call it that in this post, but she uses the term, with some cautionary notes, in the ensuing discussion here) is much like the sort of thing some people call by that name. This view is a kind of theonomy, though, and I think it's good to be aware that there's a much healthier version of it than what in compasrion seems like a caricature that some people manage to believe anyway.

Mr. Standfast connects being the salt of the earth with the beatitudes in an interesting way, looking at how the beatitudes reflect God's heart that he has made us to have, resulting in a call to live in a way reflecting what we are.

Attention Span has a great post about Rick Warren and the Purpose-Driven Phenomenon. It avoids extremism on both sides, something almost no one seems willing to try to do. What I really appreciate is the recognition of what Warren is doing right, what he's emphasizing that evangelicalism really needs to hear that enough people aren't hearing otherwise, and what he truly fails at in incredibly unfortunate ways. He also shows how you can take what he says for what it is and no more and thereby find it useful for what's good in it without sacrificing the things Warren can sacrifice at times.

A Physicist's Perspective reviews John MacArthur's The Gospel According to Jesus, the book that popularized the term 'Lordship Salvation', which is basically the view that becoming a Christian involves a commitment to Christ and not mere intellectual assent or emotional experience.

All Kinds of Time starts from some observations about the population shift to urban centers and then gives some thoughts on how Christians should respond, most especially by opposing the evangelical trend and moving to cities.

Cerulean Sanctum presents a new name for an old bad habit among Christians -- the Faith Bomber.


Thanks for the link to my post on "Faith Bombers" at my blog, Cerulean Sanctum.


Thanks for my link as well, Jeremy. I remain amazed at how many people on each extreme of the PDL tend to ignore the other side of the coin. Yet I am equally amazed at the people who have been encouraged by a balanced view of Rick Warren's materials.

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