Christian Carnival LXXI

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Technogypsy hosts the 71st
A Ticking Time Blog gives one more piece of evidence that
it's Brave New World that got the future right, not 1984.

Northern 'burbs blog gives some striking facts about the depths of American biblical illiteracy.

All kinds of time... shares some of my own worries about the language of rights as communicating something of our deserving of people to treat us well. As my comment expresses more fully, I think there are different senses of rights, and the broadest just involves whether someone or something is morally relevant at all. Still, I worry about those who treat rights as being about what someone is entitled to, as if we should expect people to do certain things for us.

Brandywine Books distinguishes between ambition of the hubristic sort and ambition in seeking excellence in what does.

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