Around the Blogosphere 5-2-05

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I've had no truly interesting searches since Thursday, so we'll go right on to the roundup:

Captain's Quarters questions some mistaken reports about what the Iraq Survey Group has said. They have a little footnote indicating that the evidence is inconclusive on whether WMD were transported unofficially outside Iraq before the fighting began on the ground. Apparently it's being reported as a claim that no WMD were thus transported, which is certainly inaccurate as a reflection of what ISG said. See also Considerettes.

Also at the Considerettes: Now that Republicans have taken over in Georgia for the first time since Reconstruction, the Jim Crow laws have been officially repealed.

Joe Carter has a thought experiment to test some ethical premises in the stem cell debate. What if we could extract certain crucial compounds from human embryos by mass-producing them, boiling them up in a soup, and eating them as a cure for all sorts of currently incurable conditions?

Zach Wendling has a nice post at In the Agora about one true statement conservatives often say. It's true that there's more forestation in the U.S. than there's been in something like 100 years. It's also true that this is a very misleading statement. I don't think most environmentalists will want to grant everything he says, and I know many conservatives will think he goes too far in the other direction, but I think this is a great post that just says what ought to be said.

Meanwhile, Paul Musgrave at In the Agora deals with an objection from Democrats that Republicans filibustered Abe Fortas' nomination for Chief Justice. His nomination was questionable apart from ideology, the filibuster is a completely different animal nowadays, and it's not necessarily hypocrisy to use a legal procedure while it's legal while thinking it should be made illegal (and the example he gives makes that absolutely clear).

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