Around the Blogosphere 5-5-05

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Ignorant searches landing at this blog since Monday (that successfully found very little of use):

name for native people in India
Umm ... Indians? At least that's the most general term. There are more specific ethnic minorities who are also native, but I think they're Indians too. It's not clear from the search which one it was supposed to be referring to.

How many misdiagnosis were there in 2004
Do you think God intends to report the exact number of times someone gets a disagnosis wrong to someone who both has a website and wants to put the information online?

africa mindset culture
So are Germans are as bad as most Americans in thinking of Africa as a country with one culture and mindset?

On to the roundup:

Kentucky Packrat hosts the 68th Christian Carnival. I'm still working on my roundup for the 67th. It's the end of the school year with all that comes with that. I'm planning to catch up eventually.

The 13th Philosophers' Carnival was going to be this week, but the busy time of year has led to its being pushed back until next week. Submit a post here. See the new submissions policy here.

The Best of Me Symphony is a carnival that collects the best posts of a blog, requiring only that they be at least two months old. The Marilyn Monroe edition is the most recent one. This coming week will have a Monty Python theme. Submission information is here.

The title of this Another Man's Meat post says a lot: Conforming to the Standard of Non-Conformity. It always amazes me how people can think they're being non-conformist by dressing the way everyone else does, but that's the passion of today's youth (and yesterday's and so on back through at least the 1950s). As he often does, Phil takes a roundabout path toward some Christian principles at the end that you might not have connected with the initial discussion.

Don't press the big red button.

Rocket Science liveblogged a debate between Dallas Willard and Richard Rorty on authority. [Hat tip on this one and the big red button: Evangelical Outpost]

Booker Rising rightly critiques Michael Eric Dyson's criticism of Bill Cosby.

What happens when you give crayons to kids whose villages have just been bombed? Catez at Allthings2all takes a look at the children of Darfur.

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From time to time, bloggers post what people are typing in search engines to get to their blogs. I think this is really interesting and sometimes quite funny. Unfortunately, it seems to be rather uninteresting with Joe Missionary. Here are... Read More

I am inviting submissions for The Darfur Collection, which is open to ALL bloggers, and which may be on any aspect of the Darfur situation. For example, the posts may be on the genocide, the refugee camps, the current food situation, the UN's role, t... Read More


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