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New ways to find my blog:

topol of star trek
I've gotten so many of these now due to a commenter's misspelling of T'Pol's name that it's getting ridiculous, and I have to appease my conscience by trying to suck that traffic into a post making it clear that her name is T'Pol. You're going to find much better information on T'Pol if you spell her name correctly. Just to be clear: T'pol. It's not as if this spelling mechanism isn't a standard Vulcan convention, going all the way back to T'Pau in the original series (who showed up this season and met T'pol. Sorry. I needed to get one more correct spelling in there).

africans deleted from the bible
I suppose whoever did this deleting didn't do a good a job of it. There are plenty of Africans actually in the Bible.

self-refuting statements all statements are true
That's not self-refuting. It's just false.

New things to find elsewhere:

Check out Meta-Carnival IV. This is a monthly carnival of carnivals. The list is huge, and I know of at least a couple carnivals not even in there (though the Carnival of the Reformation doesn't seem to have lasted more than one occurrence, so they might count that as defunct).

This isn't really elsewhere, but it's not a new post and doesn't appear at the top of my blog, so I'll mention it here. In December someone posted an extremely long comment on my Abominations post. It said all sorts of false things about the Torah dietary restrictions and how the NT views them, but I didn't have the time to deal with it because it was right during exams, and teaching a course this semester from a book I'd never used before that I had to pick at the last minute because the book I'd wanted to use didn't come in in time left me without as much time to focus on such large projects, and other ones took priority. Well, my initial response is now up, largely with just general points. There are plenty of specific things about specific passages that I need to get to separately, but since it's been so long since the comment in question was left that I thought it might be worth mentioning it in a new post.

Joe Carter weighs in on the ID stuff Macht and I have been blogging about of late. I think I agree with everything Joe says.


Actually - I dont know how you figure out who is searching for you. I have been performing the following searches in google deliberately to see if you can pick them up: Jeremy Peirce Geek, or parableman big geek ... heh heh !
- Raj

My sitemeter tells me the last 100 ways people have found my blog. I haven't noticed those ones. Did you just perform the search, or did you click on the links? The sitemeter doesn't register it unless you load up the page. Just getting a Google result won't do it. On the other hand, it may just be that I just missed it. If I don't check every two or three hours during the day, I miss stuff, and if I don't check between midnight at something like 8:30 am I miss stuff overnight too.

Oh, and it also won't show up if the initial thing that brought you to the site was something else. If you, within (I believe) an hour after already coming to my site from that IP address, get to it again via a Google search, it will just count it as another visit from the original way of entry.

Meta-Carnival #5 is now up on my blog. Do you know of any carnivals not listed there?

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