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I don't have a lot of time today, so I'm just putting forth a few searches and a few links.

kal-el brother of kal-el
I've gotten a search like this 2-3 times now. Does anyone have any idea what it's supposed to be finding?

good arguments for wolves
arguing what about wolves?

penal piercing
Some kinds of piercing are bad enough that I suppose they might serve as fitting punishments for particularly grievous crimes, but I'm not sure why someone would search for something like that with this expression. There might be better combinations of words for finding that. This search is just going to find something else and only the people writing about it who don't know how to spell.

Check of the Diet of {book} Worms, a site for reviews of Christian books, run by Tim Challies.

Philosophers' Carnival XIV is at Mumblings and Grumblings. It has one of my OrangePhilosophy posts, so I'm working on a roundup of it, which should appear by the end of the week.

Joseph Malozzi, writer and executive producer on both Stargate series, has a blog. There's not much there yet, but it could prove interesting.

More Pierce Pictures: Ethan asleep on the laundry piles in the crib and asleep on his dresser again


Maybe the Kal-El searches were because of some kind of plot twist on Smallville. (I can't believe that I read that name and instantly knew that it was Superman's real name, I'm not even a fan of the comic).

Good. Someone got to the Superman comment before me. :)

Yeah, Kal-El is Superman's original Kryptonian name.
Didn't know he had a brother, though.

A quick google search reveals "Halk Kar of Thoron" who was mistaken as Supe's big brother in Superman #80. Cool.

Superman seems to be the Google answer. Just look beyond the foreign language answers and it is pretty clear.

Of course it's got something to do with Superman. Who else would be named Kal-El? What I can't figure out is why someone would be searching for something about him having a brother with the same name.

Go to the WB website and read the plot summary for last week's episode of Smallville. I think somebody got confused by the plot and thought that there was a brother or something, and was trying to figure out the story.

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