A New Hope for Revenge of the Sith

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Here's a review of Revenge of the Sith that gives me A New Hope that long-time Star Wars fans will accept this one. [Hat tip: Volokh Conspirator Todd Zywicki] This review is by someone who was pretty disappointed in Episodes 1 and 2 but thought Lucas redeemed himself with this one. A lot of people say they liked the originals but didn't like Episodes 1 and 2. If you're in that category, then you might still like Episode 3, according to this review.

Of course, I've never understood the insistence that the prequels are much worse than the originals. When I saw Episode 1, I didn't expect something like what I as a kid had thought Star Wars was. I knew Star Wars wasn't really what I as a kid had thought it was. I was simply looking for a good ride in the first movie, which led to my enjoying it. I ignored the awful Amidala-Anakin scenes in Episode 2, which meant I could really enjoy all of the fun stuff in that one, and there was a lot of it. The original trilogy wasn't any better in terms of scriptwriting or directing, at least in the details (except Empire, which was written and directed by people much better than Lucas, so it was good even in the details). It was just incredible fun based on what Lucas does do well -- come up with a great overall story and secure great people for special effects. People who like the originals but not the prequels simply don't realize that the prequels are pretty much the same sort of thing and can't get over the child's appreciation of the originals that they just won't apply in the same way to the prequels.

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