Scot McKnight on D.A. Carson on the Emergent Church

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Scot McKnight, biblical scholar and theologian, extensively interacts with D.A. Carson's forthcoming book on the emergent church (or really about the epistemology of Brian McLaren, one of the key leaders in the emergent church). I really like Scot's attitude about this and think he's mostly right in his understandings of the issues. I hesitate at some of his conclusions, mostly out of ignorance and reluctance to go that far without further understanding, but much of what he's saying seems right to me given my limited understanding of the emergent types (even though my brother is one of them). I've left some lengthy comments where I have anything to say and don't really want to reproduce any of that here, mostly because it would be a lot of work to provide the context for each comment. The best way to find all the posts is to go to the April archives and read starting at the bottom.


Thanks for pointing our noses in the right direction. It was a good read and now has left me with questions that need exploring (besides the desire to purchase Carson's book =) )

Michael Horton was intereviewed yesterday (4/24/05) on Issues Etc. for two hours on the Emergent Church. Here is the link that will get you to the audio.

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