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I've updated my RSS feeds. I now had two feeds of RSS 1.0, two of RSS 2.0, and one of ATOM. The two of each version of RSS are so I can have one excerpts version and one with full posts in the feed. Until now, the ATOM feed was the only one that gave full posts, I believe. If you read my blog with a newsreader and have been using one of the RSS feeds, the feed you've been using has converted to full posts. If you prefer the excepts, you should switch to a different feed. The links to all of them are at the top of the sidebar.

Someone emailed me saying his newsreader was updating with old posts as new, I believe with the same date and time as the new post, and it does this every time I post something new. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, which of my feeds have you been using? Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this problem and how it might be solved? I've already been spending more time than I really can afford to on this and would appreciate anything that might prevent me from putting in a lot more time if it's something pretty simple.

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