Did a Jeremy Pierce die?

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Did someone with my name die? I've been getting a lot of searches for my name since last night. I mean a lot, something like a few an hour some hours, though it's slowed down a good deal now. After a while of this, I finally saw two this morning that hinted at what might be up. One was "Jeremy Pierce suicide" and another "Jeremy Pierce death". I looked at a bunch of searches related to that, and I've pretty much monopolized the Google results for my name, so I can't come up with much. Does anyone know what's going on here?

Update 4-10-05: Someone named Jeremy Pierce did die Friday night. See the comments if you came here looking for further information, and if you have more information for the many, many people trying to find out anything on this, please feel free to share it in a comment so those who have so far been very frustrating in looking for something on this will be able to know what's happened.

Update 4-12-05: A commenter provided this link to an article about Jeremy's death. You'll need to type in your zip code and one or two other incidentals to access it, but you don't need to register with an email address. There's also more information now in the comments.


Yes, a student named Jeremy Pierce did die this weekend at Moravian College in PA.

Ahh that explains the "Jeremy Pierce Pennsylvania" hits over at Prosblogion. I had started to wonder too.

A young man named Jeremy Pierce died on Friday. He was from Mount Laurel New Jersey. My guess is a lot of friends are trying to find out information.

I can't find anything online about this, so I imagine people are very frustrated at not finding anything. If you have a link to anything on it or just have information that people might be looking for, feel free to leave it in a comment. Then at least anyone finding this post (which at least earlier tonight was the #2 Google search for "Jeremy Pierce") will at least find something of what they're looking for.

yeah, jeremy was a friend of mine.. nobody is sure why yet but he hung himself friday night in his dorm room. he was a happy kid, very popular, good life, great girlfriend, football player.. it just doesnt make sense.

i was a friend of jeremys and i would like to know as much as possible im upset bout this...if anyone can tell me anything bout this please give me a email at js009@yahoo.com i would like to be at his funeral..thanx

Here is the only newspaper article that I found around the Bethlehem Area.


Also I heard his memorial at home is on Saturday (the 16th) but we didn't get the official word yet from the school officials. I will keep you all posted though

I am Jeremy's sister. He passed away friday night. His memorial is on Saturday at The Fellowship Alliance Chapel. The family will be accepting condolences from 11:00-1:00. The memorial service will start at 1:00. The address is 199 Church Road, Medford, New Jersey. Jeremy was a wondeful person and he will forever be missed by so many. Thank you to everyone who has offered thier support.

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What software are you using to find how people Google into your page? I used to use Blogpatrol but it doesn't work anymore.

I'm just using Sitemeter right now, but it's annoying now that I have to check every few hours to catch everything. I'd love to know about any free service that keeps track of more than the last 100 visits. The other downside of Sitemeter is it cuts off some of the searches if the link is too long, and then I don't know the whole expression people searched for.

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Let me first say that I lost someone close to me at almost as young an age. We were 17 months apart in age and did everything together until we parted ways when I went to college. He died 10 days before his wedding, a few weeks before his band's album was released, and a few months before his college graduation. So I know what it is to grieve, and I also know that it's not an excuse to be impolite.

I have deleted a few comments from people complaining about one thing Sven said. The first three were deeply offensive. They were rude to someone who had generously given explicit permission to use these comments for information about Jeremy and about memorial arrangements, and they contained some pretty foul-mouthed expressions, which I don't ever allow in any context on my blog. Not one of these comments explained anything except that Sven had interrupted a discussion with a comment to the person whose blog this is, which is not a reason to complain because it was following up in something I said in the post, and this comment section is explicitly for that purpose.

I then typed up a comment to explain that this is my blog, why Sven's question was appropriate, and why I won't tolerate rude behavior, even if the people doing it are grieving. What I hadn't connected the first comments with was the first thing Sven said, mostly because they failed to mention it. That wasn't what they complained about, so I didn't even think of it. One further commenter explained why that was something people who just lost a friend don't want to hear, and I understand that, so I've deleted it. I think he was just trying to compliment me and hadn't thought of how it would be taken, but I can understand why it shouldn't be there, so it's gone. I've also deleted all the comments that mentioned it, since they're just inappropriate given the current context.

I want this to be a place where people can leave information for those who are looking for it. If you want to talk about Jeremy, please do. What I don't want to see is impoliteness or profanity, and I really want to leave it open to readers of my blog to comment on matters that the post discussed, since that's the original purpose of the comment section of a blog.

Thanks Jeremy,

I had of course commented simply in response to your post, and hadn't even read any of the comments that preceded mine, and it was intended as a compliment about you and your blog.

I didn't read any of the comments that you've deleted but rest assured I didn't intend to offend anybody, and if you do have a problem, then please e-mail me rather than hammer it out in public.

Thank you

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