Christian Carnival LXIV

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The 64th Christian Carnival (yes, I know I'm a week behind, but I've had a particularly busy week) is at Proverbs Daily, with a nice topical categorization in terms of particular proverbs. My Intermediate State is there, and it's consciously occupying its position in the carnival but not with the kind of consciousness I have now.

I've already responded to the excellent Digitus, Finger & Co. post on issues from the Terri Schiavo case.

Dappled Things has an excellent post on the death penalty. I'm especially grateful that he acknowledges how awful the arguments based on scripture against the death penalty turn out to be, not just in not establishing their conclusion but in conflicting with scripture to begin with. I also think he presents extremely carefully but briefly exactly what the strongest case against the death penalty could be. I don't ultimately agree with his conclusion, because I think retributivism is correct, and that's the one view he didn't discuss, but I highly recommend this post if you want to get a good sense of the best way to oppose capital punishment (aside from the fact that it ignores the best argument for capital punishment, of course).

Wallo World has lots of information on the potential anti-religious or anti-Christian bias in why The King's College is being denied the kind of accreditation recommended for it. This is actually the first I've heard of this, but it does seem really odd when you look at the reasons offered and the information that doesn't square with those. I don't think this school has much chance, short of a bizarre and incredibly unprecedented miracle, of reaching their stated goal of being a Christian school with the academic respectability of Harvard. I wrote them a long letter a few years ago asking them to rethink their purpose statement in the light of academic realities. You don't win whole faculties of the best Christian academicians when most of those people went into their line of work so they could be alongside nonbelievers. There aren't enough of the best Christian faculty in most fields to be a department competing with Harvard even if all of the best people did go to one school. Still, it has a chance of being one of the best Christians schools, and it's truly unfortunate how they're being treated.

Sun and Shield has a good treatment of some of the many issues involved with the question of Adam and Eve's children presumably having to marry their sisters.

The Bible Archive has a nice parable about those who focus on which methods of cooking are best (or should be used exclusively) rather than focusing on the eating of the food, which is the point to begin with. Sozo's comment is also quite nice. So check it out to learn about the Purpose Driven, The Emergent Kitchen, and the rest.

Allthings2all gives some good reasons why the metaphor of the church as a building would better be conceived as an all-night cafe than a cathedral. I'm not sure I would restrict the image to this sort of thing, but in many ways she's absolutely right.

Rebecca Writes samples some of the key teachings on suffering in the New Testament.

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