Christian Carnival LXVI

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The 66th Christian Carnival is at Pseudo-Polymath. My contribution is How Do We Respond to Ministry?

Rebecca Writes writes about Hebrews 4:14-16, about Jesus as our great high priest. As usual, she draws out aspects that we might not think about immediately.

World of Sven reflects on Mark 1:14-20 in his third post of what I expect will be a great tour through Mark's gospel over the next few months. This post looks at Jesus' command to repent and believe and his call to some of his first disciples to follow him.

New Covenant is right to point out that the distinction between children's being strong-willed and being compliant does not map onto the distinction between unruly and being well-behaved. In most cases, whether a child is unruly has more to do with discipline than compliance or a strong will. Compliant children are easier to discipline toward behaving well, though, and he seems to leave that out of his critique. Also, I have serious reservations about how far to go with the basically tue point he makes, and the reason I have those reservations is because I know behavior isn't just a matter of disciple, as is oh so clear with our two developmentally delayed sons. One has been diagnosed with autism, and the other often acts like an 18-month old even though he's over two and a half. People who take what Rusty is saying too seriously are prone to look at what our kids act like in church and think we don't discipline them because Isaiah is emotionally resistant to being held by someone else while I play my djembe and because Ethan has trouble understanding that he can't read his books out loud during the prayer time. Still, Rusty's point is basically right. Most behavioral issues in most kids are more a result of lack of discipline than anything else. I just think it's dangerous to assume that that's the case with every kid if you don't know all the details.

Oh, and even though I disagree with it, I should mention that my Rewarding Criminal Activity? was triggered by Sierra Faith's Respect for the Law, since that was part of the Christian Carnival.


Thanks for the mention Jeremy :) Part 4 is now done and posted here:

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