Carnival of the Vanities CXXXIV Avignon Edition

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I don't normally link to carnivals I'm not in, but I can't resist this time. The host for the 134th Carnival of the Vanities was so rude and unintelligently critical of many of the posts in this week's carnival that Laurence Simon decided to do a decent edition of the same carnival on his own site.

I have nothing at stake because I'm not in this carnival, but I've had someone misrepresent and poorly portray what I've said in a COTV in the past, which showed both laziness and lack of respect on his part. So I can understand why he's done this. This one was much worse than the one I was in was. Maybe seven or eight people got the unintelligent lack of respect and unwillingness to engage with the content in the one I was in. Here it was probably close to half the entries.

When I host a carnival, I present the material as the person would themselves, usually using their own description. If I have something very short that I can say about it, whether a mild criticism or an acclamation of praise, I will do that. Extensive or less mild criticisms will go in a comment on the carnival post, in a separate post altogether, or on the post that was submitted. It's never ok for a carnival host to be rude to anyone submitting a post, though harshness might be ok for someone who keeps submitting posts that obviously shouldn't have been submitted because of content, which COTV doesn't have any restrictions on anyway, and even in that case the post just shouldn't appear at all. Respectful treatment of submissions is part of the convention of the COTV, and anyone who is willing to take part ought to follow it or be heavily derided by all who take part.


I apologize in advance for my ignorance here...but I don't really get what a "carnival" is. I went to the link you provided and looked it over...and it still doesn't make much sense.

Would you take a moment and define it?

Basically it's a bunch of blog posts, submitted to one site, or a host, showcasing those posts. Normally used for increasing traffic. It's different colors of posts has all the brightness of a carnival.

A blog carnival is a collection of posts from blogs from (usually) the past week. Some of them restrict it to specific topics, e.g. The Philosophers' Carnival or the Storytellers' Carnival. Others restrict it to people of certain backgrounds or frameworks of discussion, e.g. the Christian Carnival or the Carnival of Bush Bloggers during the election last year. The Carnival of the Vanities was the original and is just designed to showcase each blog's best post of the past week.

It's all by voluntary submission of one's own posts. The host varies from week to week in most carnivals, and so sometimes you'll have a host who, as in this case, is just not nice to many of the people who submitted posts.

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