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I was walking home tonight from a talk on campus, and I saw a crowd coming out of the community center on the corner of my street, and as I cut through their parking lot to get to my street I was sort of cutting through the crowd. I saw a few people dressed pretty formally as I went by, which seemed strange to me for people coming out of a community center event, and I saw the guy I'd just passed by being led as if the guy leading him was something like a bodyguard to keep people at a distance. As I was moving away, I looked back and got a good look at his face. It was Ralph Nader, who I'd just heard was in town and was about to speak on campus tonight. I guess he had just finished a talk at the community center. I'm not sure I would have connected his face with who he really was if I hadn't just been talking about him. I'm sure I would have thought he looked really familiar, but Ralph Nader isn't exactly the sort of person I'd expect to see on my own street. Well, there he was, and I was probably only a few feet from him.

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