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Searches of note since Tuesday:

continent of Iceland any black people living there?
There aren't any people living on the continent of Iceland.

pictures of kids with color blindness
Are you expecting them to have monochrome skin or something?

This week's ridiculous accusation via a search:
Michelle Malkin hates her filipino heritage

quran "warp space"
Any ideas what this person might have been looking for? I don't know of anything in the Qur'an about warp space.

The 67th Christian Carnival is at Wittenberg Gate this week. The expected host was in a car accident but is ok. He'll still be hosting at some point later on.

The 13th Philosophers' Carnival is coming up next week. Submit a post here. See the new submissions policy here.

Steve Burton at Right Reason discusses the thoroughly misguided Academic Bill of Rights. As usual when conservatives discuss anything related to diversity and affirmative action, I'm going to have to disagree with some of his claims, particularly with regard to there being absolutely no reason in principle for seeking diversity. Other than that, though, this is a pretty balanced post, even emphasizing true things that some of the more frothing conservatives would think only lefties could say.

The Gnu reflects on an argument from some colleagues of ours against the Support Our Troops slogan. Their objection misses the point in a few ways, but the main problem is that it's thoroughly uncharitable. So support our "Support our troops" troops!

Laurence Thomas discusses Cookie Monster's politically correct diet. He points out why this should be such an unnecessary change and what it reveals about our sense of responsibility.


The first comment is amusing, you just had to explain that Iceland is an island and one of the Nations of the World.


I need your players.


Sorry, I mean I need your prayers. I am in state of anxiety and mispelt it. I do not know if you believe in praying for others, but any friendly person who prays for me will help. Thanks.

I read the Quran but I don't remember any surahs about warp space.

Quite seriously, talking to some Muslims they sometimes read the Quran with a mystical interpretation combined with a scientific theme. I once heard an explaination how the Quran affirmed the structural anatomy of cells before there was microscopes. I'm not make this up, nor am I making fun of anyone or anything. Just trying to explain a possible logic behind the puzzling search.

People have said similar things about the Bible as well. I put them in the same category as the Bible Code.

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