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For my 1050th post, I'd just like to make a quick announcement:

When I report that a certain post is post #1050, or something like that, I'm not telling the truth, at least not straightforwardly. MT counts every post when it gives me the totals, and one of the posts it counts is a draft post Wink started months ago that he never finished. So I still have one more post to go after this one before my 1050th published post appears.

Of course, if you really want to know what my 1050th post on this blog is, you'll need to subtract all of Wink's posts (and of course that post hasn't happened yet), and if you want to figure out which post is my 1050th post in general, then you need to add in all the OrangePhilosophy and Prosblogion posts (and I'm still not sure if it's happened yet, but I'm not about to do that).

So I just wanted to be forthright and honest about this. I've been lying about all this for a while. Well, at least I've been counting "my _____ post" to mean something very particular, and it isn't the most obvious meaning.


I did think you were a double-tongued man, now I have the evidence for that!

Ooops. I totally forgot about that draft post. Sorry.

Wait. I can't find the draft post anymore. What happened to it?

Good question. It was there a month or so ago. There have been problems with the search functions since Christmas and archives. The archives are completely blank for February 2004, and no posts before a certain date in that month are showing up either in the MT editing softare or in the archives list on the sidebar, but if you manually type in the archives before that month they're still there. I don't know what that problem is, because the posts are all still there if you know the address, and some of them are linked in Favorite Posts. It was in discovering that problem that I realized you still had a draft post from a while ago, but I can't think of any reason why I wouldn't have left it. I'm not sure why it would disappear.

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