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Matthew has just installed a spell-checking plugin to MT for the Ektopos blogs, so now I can see spell-checking suggestions for any post I type. These are only listed when I preview a post, so I have to go back and find the words it doesn't recognize, which isn't as convenient for long posts as something like the Microsoft Word feature, which locates it itself. The nice part of this, though, is that I don't have it inconveniently telling me real words aren't real words unless I go check it.

A longer post I've been working on this morning has a few words it doesn't recognize, but there's one that stands out as pretty serious omission for a spell-checking plugin designed for a blogging platform, and another one showed up in this post: 'blogs' and 'blogging' aren't in the plugin's database. I'm a little surprised that a spell-checking plugin designed specifically for blogging software doesn't even recognize 'blogs' and 'blogging' as real words. It probably uses some already existing database, but it's still a little strange.


I use as you know blogger, and blogger's spell check program does not recognize blog, blogger or blogging.

The plugin I installed uses a UNIX program called Ispell, which was written in PDP-10 assembly in 1971. You can change and update the dictionary, but I have no control over such matters at this point. I would imagine that Blogger uses the same program since it is rather ubiquitous.

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