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It's a good thing I'm sort of on Spring Break this week. After not sleeping even the minimal six hours most nights for a couple weeks while already having a cold, I'm in pretty bad shape. I can't move very quickly without a head rush, especially if it's vertical movement. I had to teach last night at the school that doesn't have off this week. It was a three-hour class, and I was already pretty sick and losing my voice beforehand, and then I had to talk for three hours. I was hoping to have at least one contentful post today, but I haven't had two hands free and the ability to sit down for long enough for most of the day. To top it all off, Isaiah just stuck his finger in my eye, and I can't see anything. So much for day one of my partial Spring Break.

Update: Apparently it's even worse to bend over than it is to go upstairs, but somehow going downstairs is fine. Any reason why that might be?

I can see again, but Sam just left for dance class, so I'm managing all three kids for a few hours, which usually takes all my energy even when I'm not in ultra-low energy mode. Then I'm be at Bible study later. That makes it unlikely that I'll post much else today unless the kids are fairly well-behaved and willing to entertain themselves. The only reason I'm writing this now is because Sophia's asleep, and the boys are in the bathtub for coal removal. They got into the barbecue coal on the back porch today. Then after I closed it up and brought them in they did it again when Sam insisted they'd be fine if the lid was on. I guess we can't rely on that lid anymore.


aaargh! i can't imagine the torture you're going thru... may God bless you with healing, and for an unusual peace to wash over the kids...

on my own i can't even deal with 2, younger kids than yours. But i do it a couple times a week. it's way more exhausting than work...

Well, I wouldn't call it torture. It was definitely uncomfortable giving them a bath, getting them dressed, and getting them dinner by myself when it hurt just to bend over. Medicine finally kicked in as we were eating, and by the time Sam got home I was ready to go out for the evening. Now I just feel like I have an ordinary cold with a sore throat and ears.

I have to agree on its being exhausting. It's much more exhausting for me to deal with my kids by myself than it is to teach college students philosophy, to engage in detailed discussions with my colleagues, or to read or write for my own philosophical work. Of course, my kids are older than yours but are developmentally behind. Ethan's got his autistic issues. He asks for things sometimes but sometimes just assumes we know what he wants. He won't talk to us most of the time the way most four year olds do. That makes it more like interacting with a two year old. Isaiah isn't even that far. He's two and a half and is just beginning to repeat words we say. It's difficult for him even to respond to verbal instructions. That makes things harder in many ways.

It's hardest when more than one of them will need something at the same time, and that occurs often enough given that Ethan freaks out whenever Sophia cries and tries to hit her to make it stop. Isaiah also has this thing where he'll be very upset unless I hold him. No one else is good enough. If Sophia needs me to do anything when he gets like that, there's about nothing I can do to satisfy both of them, and once she cries Ethan goes nuts too. Luckily, that whole combination almost never happens when I'm alone with them, but it does happen from time to time when we're both around, and even two parents can't handle all three at once very easily.

Is barbecue coal anything like charcoal? I've never heard it called that. A look at the first 50 of 192 hits for barbecue coal only turns up about five similar usages. Is this just the sickness or do you always call it that?

Maybe it's just the sickness, but I did kind of like the idea of their being in the bathtub for coal removal. I don't normally call it barbecue coal, but I couldn't think of what other name for a kind of coal it might be called.

Jeremy, sorry to hear you've been feeling lousy; hopefully you're better now.

I probably shouldn't say this, and it's not the least bit perjorative, but I'm oddly encouraged to hear others, especially dads, speak of how difficult it is to care for little ones. I realize that the way kids and their dads relate is different from the way kids & moms relate, but the challenges remain. Dealing with all but the most placid of little ones is exhausting, challenging, sensory-overloading, etc. (except perhaps for the most placid of parents?) Especially when there are also developmental or other issues involved.

I am not saying this as a complaint, nor am I disparaging children in any way. But facts is facts.

Anyway, thanks for saying what you said (you too, enoch), and I hope you're feeling better.

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