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When the Reformation Study Bible came out, I didn't want to get a third copy of the New American Standard Bible, which was the only translation they had it in. I already had a Ryrie NASB and a Thompson-Chain NASB. Then they changed the translation to the NKJV, which I had already in study Bible form with the Open Bible. Since I'm not a big fan of the textual basis of the NKJV, I didn't want a second NKJV, since I wanted my Reformation Study Bible to be a translation I'd want to read regularly. So I've been waiting for quite some time, and now they've finally released it in the English Standard Version.

This is an opportune time for me, because my hardcover ESV is just about ready to fall apart. I've read all of it now except the minor prophets from Hosea 9 through the end of Malachi, and I've brought it with me most of the time to Bible studies, church, and other occasions. It's nice to have this translation with a study Bible I've wanted to have for years, and the binding will last this time. I made the mistake of trying to find it at the local Christian bookstore, where I was told that it was out but they'd never even received the copies they'd ordered due to such incredibly high demand that the publishers couldn't produce enough of them to meet everyone's orders. Amazon and CBD had pretty high prices, so I checked on Froogle and found that Westminster Seminary had it in stock and could send it out that day. That did. That was Tuesday, during the 4:00 hour. I have it in my hands right now. That's what I call service. Not only did it arrive within two days, but it was hand delivered with a grin by a member of my own congregation who works for UPS!


I just saw the ad for this in World yesterday and read it aloud to my husband--we were both intrigued. We bought ESV hardcovers for each other as anniversary gifts the year before last and the maps have fallen out--do you think that's a good enough excuse to upgrade ourselves? ;) ...I'm eager to hear your review...

Have found more than 15 people singing the ESVs praises in the last two weeks- more on my blog.


I may have to break down and buy an ESV!

I've only glanced through the ESV, but was quite impressed with what I saw. And I don't have a copy of the Reformation Study Bible....

Let's see, where's that birthday list again?....

Huh. I bought my first ESV last week. Funny coincidence.

I've loved the ESV ever since I got a copy for e-Sword. Bought it at Southern in paperback for $4 last semester, and carry it to class every day. The Reformation Study Bible is on my list!

I love the ESV and all in all I do appreciate the notes in the Reformation Study Bible. I find however, that the Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible has notes that are more complete and sometimes nore useful than the Reformation Study Bible. So I land up by using both for the translation and the other for the more extensive notes. Any idea whether the Spirit of the reformation study bible will be "ported" into the ESV?

The history of this study Bible is a bit complex. It was originally intended for the NIV (my post above is wrong; it wasn't the NASB). There was a falling out between the publisher and the editors, and it ended up going with the NKJV with a different publisher. That was when it was the New Geneva Study Bible.

Then someone got ahold of the original notes intended for the NIV before they were modified to fit the NKJV, and it became the Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible with some condensing and some expanding. At some point the NKJV New Geneva Study Bible changed its name to the Reformation Study Bible, and then they reworked it to fit the ESV so they could drop the NKJV, which isn't being produced anymore. So there have been three names for this study Bible, with slight variations from version to version and two different publishers. But it's largely the same study Bible.

So will the Spirit of the Reformation study Bible be ported into the ESV? Well, it sort of has. It's called the Reformation Study Bible.

I grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). I left it June 25th of this year. There are so many churches and so many bibles, how to choose? I have ordered this Bible. Is it pretty mainstream? Is there anything I have to worry about? Thanks.

Mary, it's definitely pretty mainstream at this point. If you're used to King James English, it will seem much more ordinary English, even though there are many Bibles that are much moreso. This is actually the translation I recommend for people who are used to the King James and want to switch to something more contemporary, since it has a similar feel in many places. The study notes in this particular study Bible are among the better ones you can get.

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