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The 60th Christian Carnival is at Belief Seeking Understanding. It contains my Genesis and Objections to Old Earth Cosmology.

Allthings2all offers a corrective for the idea that Christianity should frown on science. She lists many incredible things about science and how it's a tool given by God to understand the world he created. She also announces the Science and Christianity Showcase coming up. There's still a very short amount of time to submit posts for that. The deadline is midnight tonight, so get cracking.

A Physicist's Perspective has an excellent discussion of what the Bible really says about judging, as opposed to the many frequent misunderstandings of Jesus' command not to judge hypocritically. It's pretty thorough in presenting passages throughout the New Testament (and even some in the Old) that show that judging is often morally required.

Northern 'burbs blog has an exemplary post responding to questions from an agnostic. When I call it exemplary, I really mean in the historic sense. It's a great example of how to respond to questions like these.

3:17 reviews what looks to be an excellent book on evangelism by Randy Newman. Not only does D.A. Carson say it's the best book he's read on the subject (which says a lot), but I actually know a little bit about Randy Newman myself (I think I may even have been to a seminar he gave on the topic years ago). What Mark says about the book is no surprise to me. From answering questions with questions to how to know how to treat challenges as foolishness rather than genuine openness, this book looks excellent.

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