Christian Carnival LXI

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The 61st Christian Carnival is at ChristWeb. My contribution is The Moral Value of Meanings of Words.

I've already discussed the posts at Evangelical Outpost and In the Agora on whether libertarians should oppose laws against blackmail.

I've also commented on PlaidBerry's post on pessimism.

A Physicist's Perspective has a great post reflecting on God's sovereignty, sin, and punishment.

Off the top has a beautiful post about crafting the modern family that makes all the right philosophical distinctions and rightly divides the important issues from those that distract many people into thinking bad rhetoric is a real argument. One thing she takes on is the argument that we should reign in the desire to control our family and therefore not use artificial contraception. This is a lot less or a reason when there are legitimate moral reasons to control one's family size, e.g. "health, familial support, community support, church support, and economic and other factors". The argument that we should just leave it up to God assumes a God whose miracles we can control. It also assumes something that if we applied to other areas in our life would just lead to absolute negiligence. If Joseph had left things up to God, he wouldn't have prepared all the grain from seven years of plenty for the seven years of famine. Instead, he used the knowledge God had given him to plan carefully what he should do. God didn't tell him how much to save up. He just told him that there would be seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. It would be irresponsible to leave things up to God when a careful thought process reveals that the best thing to do in the particular circumstances might be to stop doing something or to do something you wouldn't otherwise have thought to do. Anyway, there's a lot more to this post, so much that I'm writing so much about it. I highly recommend it.

Blogotional gives a different sort of argument for being cautious about too much of an identification of politics with Christianity.

The Bible Archive has some wonderful reflections on Jesus' discussion of the coming of the Holy Spirit in John 16.

I'm always hesitant about doctors' claims to know when someone has no consciousness left. This has taken center stage with Terri Schiavo, but I've never been very big on the idea that we should assume our knowledge of neuroscience is enough to guarantee the claims of doctors that people will then use to base extremely serious life-or-death decisions on. Wittenberg Gate has a real life example of why we should be concerned about this.

The bloke in the outer has a great post n depression.

Another Man's Meat reflects on the evil within the human heart.

IreneQ bemoans how we've let the culture around us shape the church with such goals as seeking to be relevant. Isn't the gospel relevant? I like the comment by Feeble Knees: "We forget that God's mathematics are not the same as the world's."


Thanks for the enthusiastic feature, Jeremy. I appreciate your comments and advocacy very much.

Thanks for the link, Jeremy. I am feeling better already! :)

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