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wacky search of the day: ralph nader preterist

ridiculously exaggerated search of the day: 1000 reasons why premarital sex is bad

Both of those were actually yesterday, but that's when I put most of this post together.

This week's Christian Carnival, hosted at Belief Seeking Understanding, is now fully up.

Allthings2all is hosting a showcase on science and Christianity. Creationism vs. ecolution is not allowed, but posts on any other topics related to Christianity can be submitted through Friday. There's no requirement that the post be newly written. I'll probably submit an old post myself.

The fourth Ektopos blog has now gone public (all three of the others have links from the very top of my sidebar, since I'm involved with all three of them). Right Reason is a conservative response to Left2Right and Crooked Timber. Each contributor is a politically conservative philosopher. I've been sitting on this for a few days now waiting for someone to post something. Max Goss, site administrator, introduces the blog here. As of this writing, there's just one content post so far, but I know most of the contributors have been logging in for days now (because all the Ektopos blogs share the same activity log, and I check them studiously as the unofficial SpamMeister of the Ektopos blogs).

Martin LaBar has constructed a nice resource for separating out the various views on Genesis 1:1-2:3. If you've seen the discussions on this but haven't known what all the terms mean, this will help a ton.

I found two interesting posts by Mark Liberman at Language Log (well, two that seem to me of general interest; I find most of his posts interesting, but I find technical linguistics interesting). First, he worries about what the specialists are saying about the so-called Hobbit skulls. There's enough in his post to make me really doubt everyone saying anything confidently about it.

Second, he takes on the Mixing Memory post that called for everyone to become hyper-specialists in the microfield one wants to discuss before blogging about anything at all in science. He argues that such a move would make popular understanding of science even worse. I think I agree with everything he says (and not just because I was one of the original targets).

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