Around the Blogosphere 3-23-05

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Strange ways people found my blog this past week:

least anti-white country

does microwave popcorn go bad

Rick warren and scientology (that one must have left them a bit unsatisfied)

wrong doings of President Monroe, which led to this post of all things

Philosophers' Carnival XI is at the only official blog of Clayton Littlejohn.

Christian Carnival LXII is at A Nutt's View.

As usual, I plan a roundup for each once I've gone through the whole thing.

Two funnies: scientific truth in product labels and Who's on First: the Video Rental version. [hat tip: Wink]

See this Daniel Bonevac Right Reason post for a crtique of Peter Singer's rejection of common sense, which leaves him with no way to support his basic idea that utilitarianism is right. Comments bring out that there are easy ways to support a view with common sense and then end up rejecting key elements of common sense, but it seems as if Singer's views are so far from common sense that it's hard to believe his views could be the closest ethical picture to common sense.

Also at Right Reason, Max Goss posted a critique of Singer's utilitarian arguments for vegetarianism. The ensuing discussion is excellent. Max's position seems much more defensible after reading his responses to comments, so don't just read the post and the first few comments.

If you don't normally read OrangePhilosophy, you might be interested in venturing over there for my latest post on whether there's such a thing as Hispanic or African metaphysics or epistemology.

JollyBlogger's Marriage and the Myth of True Love takes a controversial stance that I think is quite true and genuinely expressing what someone who has absorbed the biblical stance on marriage would say. I once told someone I don't believe in romantic love, and she was of course horrified. I was either already married or at least engaged at the time. What I meant by that is what this post argues.

He's also got a great reminder to Christians who currently have terrible attitudes toward Michael Schiavo that they need to remember the gospel and have it shape their view of him.


Thanks for the coverage, Jeremy. I see you recognized the argument I was attacking. I didn't want to mention Singer by name, since my copy of Practical Ethics is in storage and I didn't want to misconstrue him, but I guess I construed him well enough to be recognized by you! Anyway, I appreciate the link, as well as all your participation on RR.

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