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Sometimes I get referrals from truly outrageous Google searches. Sometimes I just wonder what people might possibly be looking for. Some of it is funny because people think they can type an ordinary sentence into a search engine and expect to get out what they want. Others are just searches for really odd combinations of things. I often get searches of the following form:

[name of famous person] gay

This is especially funny when the person is fairly well known for not being gay. It's even funnier when there's absolutely no reason to think the person is gay, and the person never discusses issues related to homosexuality, e.g. John McWhorter. The only reason I come up on such searches is because I talk about both him and issues related to homosexuality.

But then this one came in during the night, and I'm just trying to imagine what the person was looking for:

really really black people


I had someone looking for:
"charismatic speaking in tongues mp3"
which tempts me to make a recording. Perhaps I could provide a variety of samples grouped around consonant usage.

bizarrely the most common hit is for
"ronald y.k. fung"
when he barely gets a mention

And whoever was determined to find some criticism of Terry Virgo on my site would have been sadly disappointed
"dangerous terry virgo"
"wrong teaching terry virgo"

I just logged a humorous Yahoo query: "process to covert a lutheran to catholicism" :)

liked this search from google:
"words mean what I want them to mean"

Either my Alice in Wonderland quote drew the hit or and it was referring to my Biblical exposition. That would stink.

Well, unless it was in quotes there are only three words in there that Google would pay attention to. The following search would get roughly the same results: words mean want

If it was in quotes, that would be different.

Are you aware that Sitemeter tells you what post the referral took the person to?

Yeah, my backend does that too. It was a search in quotes and led to where I used the quote. :)

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