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The bandwagon is collecting a whole bunch of links to posts about Terri Schiavo. Also, Wittenberg Gate has pulled together the best post of each blogger willing to submit a post on the matter, and she's organized them according to a number of different categories. Altogether, it's pretty comprehensive. I wish I had time to look through them all.


I believe that this is too far out what they are doing to Terri. Whatever her wishes were ,that her husband has the right to do what she wanted. The politics should have never got involved and not even the senator of Pennsylvania. I've been in a situation like this. I lost my husband a year and a half ago, from cancer. His wishes was not to have any tubes connected to him in any sort of way, so i did as he wished. My heart goes to her husband and what his decisions are.

You're assuming he was telling the truth when after seven years of keeping her alive in that condition he decided to announce that she didn't want to be kept alive in that condition. There are many red flags about his testimony and those he has testifying for his side. There's no way a court should have taken what information they have as a clear enough sign that she did want this. Things would be different if they could establish clear consent to die, but I don't see how they could have in a case like this.


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